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We’re driven to go the extra mile every day. Our dedicated drivers, fleet size and unparalleled 30+ years in specialized transportation ensures that our response time, safety protocols, flexibility and service are second to none. 


 As part of the essential student support team, our drivers play a big role in how a child starts and ends their school day. We make sure all the stars align to create the happiest door-to-door riding experience for students, parents, caregivers and partners. We provide reliable, creative solutions to districts for special needs, IEP related, or McKinney Vento needs.


Step 1

We partner with each school district or agency and act as an extension of their transportation team.

Step 2

We work closely with Directors of Transportation, Special Education coordinators, and counselors to understand requirements of a student’s IEP (if needed), and any other requirements to help the student successfully get to and from their daily programs.

Step 3

Once we receive all information from the school, we do NOT move forward until we speak with a parent or guardian to confirm all details, addresses and pick-up times. Then we match students with the most appropriate driver and vehicle.


With the same level of care and compassion we have shown with students over three decades, we now have a dedicated team serving seniors, and disabled adults. We provide safe, wheelchair accessible, age-friendly, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).


Step 1

We offer private for hire, as well as contract with local hospitals, facilities, COTA and Medicare/Medicaid transportation brokers.

Step 2

We gather all important rider and trip details from the client to help us thoughtfully assign the trip request.

Step 3

We will send the rider a trip reminder 24 hours prior to the trip. We are one of the few companies to also offer on-demand service and can accommodate trips at least 1 hour to months in advance.


School districts, medical facilities, and organizations around Central Ohio trust us every day for safe, reliable and flexible specialized transportation. We’re proud to be an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio with an outstanding rating of A+ and a member in Good Standing with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. 

New Story School Student Transportation
Educational Service Center of Central Ohio Student Transportation
Westerville City Schools Special Needs Student Transportation
Provide A Ride Customized Transportation Adult Non-Emergency Medical Transportation NEMT
COTA Mainstream On-Demand Transportation for People with Disabilities
Mount Carmel Hospital Non-Emergency Medical Transportation NEMT
REACH Special Needs Student Transportation
South Western City Schools Student Transportation
Boundless Student Transportation
DSACO Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio Student Transportation
MatureWorks Employment for Seniors and Older Adult Jobs
UZRURV Special Transportation

We partner with 25 school districts, and several medical facilities and organizations in Central Ohio. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. 

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